Saturday, March 13, 2010

012510 - Jam Pun!

The date: January 25th, 2010. Serena and Venus Williams compete for U.S. pride in Melbourne. An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashes into the Mediterranean Sea. The National Council of Churches support nationwide "Faith Call-in Week for Health Care". Salmonella-soaked salami sickens 134 saps in 38 states. Amidst it all Jordan and Matt jam.

012510 - Jam Pun!

012510 - Dee Elle 4:25
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
This one starts kind of haltingly and has some awkwardness to it which gradually melts away. Then around 2:00 it turns kind of frantic, but returns to the original theme around 3:00.

012510 - Hey, Yeah, Whoa! 2:32
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
A cool, bouncy bassline accompanied by noodly, clean leads.

012510 - Trawn at Home 8:38
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
Jordan's bassline drives this song forward for the first 1:30ish when things take a bit of a turn. It's a nice, chill ride for the next while. If we had a drummer, hesheit would be playing a swingin' drum beat for us. Until maybe the last two minutes or so. Things change then.

012510 - Maniac Manic 4:07
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
Nifty bass action carries this one until around 1:30. Big shift at 2:00ish. Probably the oddest ending of any jam song so far.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

012410 - Lebron Johns

This was a nice jam.

012410 - Lebron Johns

012410 - The Last Hunt - 5:13
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar, bass drum
1:00 in this one gets going. Around 3:00 the song changes a little. The bass drum kicks in again around 4:00.

012410 - Grizzly Bear 4:09
Jordan on bass, Matt on drums
This song is low and bear sounding.

012410 - Peanut Butter and Jelly 6:31
JOrdan on bass, Matt on drums
We start out smooth and jazzy, half way through the song morphs into something a little faster. Its fun, like the sandwich.

012410 - The Ballad of Lebron Johns 3:09
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
This reminds me of a great lumberjack or something. Very axey, back and forth.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

012310 - Love Spread

The following jam was recorded on January 23rd, 2010, and then lovingly spread on the public as of February 24th, 2010. It was a pretty low-key jam, with not really any effects used, except some dirtiness here and there. Enjoy.

012310 - Love Spread

012310 - A Bit Trippy, A Bit Country 13:01
Jordan on bass/harmonica, Matt on guitar
This one starts off very slow and melodic. The guitar takes on a bit of an eastern feel around 3:00ish for about a minute. Things become a bit fragmented around then, plus the bass gets pretty nuts around 5:00. Things feel a bit interluded up until around 8:00 when the harmonica comes in, at which point the guitaring turns a bit country. Once the bass comes back, things kind of settle in between the weirdness of the first half of the song, and the countryish feel of the second half. Overall, it's long but yummy. Mmmmmmm...

012310 - Sludge Sandwich 7:57
Jordan on guitar, Matt on bass
The first roughly three and a half minutes of this song has this sort of trudging through sludge kind of feel to it. There's a brief speedup, but that only seems to bridge the gap to another sludgy patch. Scrumptious! Though the last minute kind of feels like that slab of pickle you only rarely eat.

012310 - Balance Issues 3:23
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
It's neat to hear how the guitar progresses throughout this one, all the while the bass bounces along unperturbed.

012310 - Rub Them Rags 4:09
Jordan on harmonica, Matt on guitar
A horse riding classic, yet again. My only complaint is that Jordan's harmonica should be louder, but that's one of the limitations of the RBMWAGS system.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

012210 - OLDIES + NEWIES

There were only four songs from our 012210 jam so I decided to take the two best from that jam and add four of my favourite pre-blog jam songs. Enjoy.

012210 - OLDIES + NEWIES

012210 - Junkyard Rock 4:04
Jordan on guitar, Matt on drums
I play a walking guitar part and matt plays some bangy drums. It gets loud, then quiet, then loud again. Tis good.

012210 - Contemplation 8:03
Jordan on bass/harmonica, Matt on guitar/kick drum
This is the fullest song to date, four instruments all at once. It starts off rolling then slows down a little around 2:00, 3:30 a harmonica solo starts and after we strike a nice balance. The song morphs a little bit around 6:00.

080409 - Epicly Epic 5:19
Matt on guitar/GT5, Jordan on bass
This one is heavy on the cheese but good nonetheless. At 3:40 Matt switches to overdrive to bring us home in an epic ending.

081309 - Watch Some Clouds 3:34
Matt on guitar, Jordan on bass
This one makes me feel like I'm just sitting there watching some clouds. Every now and then you see something and your imagination kicks in for a while before you realize you’re just staring at a cloud.

110109 - Niced Twiced 4:29
Jordan on guitar, Matt on guitar
Matt starts out with a very pleasant guitar part, I play some sparse guitar. It turns out to be very nice. Almost 2x as nice as the other song.

072109 - The First Machine 9:25
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
The guitar and bass interact very well on this song. I start out with some moody bass which Matt compliments nicely with faint guitar, around 4:00 we start to pick up some steam. Around 7:00 minutes we slow down. Then we finally end when the phone rings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eight Cah-ray-zee Jamzes

This was the eighth jam in eight days and was recorded on January 17th, 2010.

011710 - Eight Cah-ray-zee Jamzes

Wallace's Last Stand 7:39
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
This two-chord buildup on guitar seems to reach its peak at 1:58ish. At that point, things get a bit exploratory, while still sticking to the same general theme and feel. This seems like something that would be used at a very important feeling moment in an epic western or something. A montage of things coming to fruition would be shown. Things start sounding a bit sad at about 5:00 and then a bit frantic at about 6:30.

All My Playthings 3:45
Jordan on bass, Matt on guitar
This song starts as a sort of sombre toe-tapper and then shifts to being something a little more poppy around the 1:00 area. It slows back down at 2:45, and takes a bit of a left turn. The guitar and bass really play well off of eachother in this one.

Moon Accent 4:21
Jordan on bass/GT5, Matt on guitar
Jordan is using what sounds like a staccato vibrato combined with a guitar-synth or harmonizer, or something like that, on his bass. There's not too horribly much happening in this song, technically speaking, but it's got a cool ambient feel to it and the guitar does some neat things in conjunction with the crazy-cool bass.

Maw 6:31
Jordan on bass/GT5, Matt on guitar/ebow
Jordan is using what sounds like a mild vibrato and delay. Starts out dreamy, for about the first minute. After that it starts to shift, and the ebow is introduced at around the 2:00 area. The bass takes on a sort of tribal feel at this point, as well.

Zora 3:23
Jordan on bass/GT5, Matt on guitar
I think the bass is using the same sound as in the last song, or something similar. The guitar comes in with clean picking at about a minute. A gentle ride.

Nearby Woods 6:00
Jordan on bass/GT5, Matt on guitar
I'm not sure what Jordan's doing, or how he's doing it, but it sounds like he's playing two instruments at some points. Regardless of that, it's a really cool bassline being played. The guitar adds a nice compliment to the bass for the duration of the song.

Hold Tight and Swing 4:21
Jordan on bass/GT5, Matt on guitar
Upon the opening notes of the two instruments, I get the feeling this is one of those groovy, sorta jazzy songs. Enjoy.

Scratch 3:43
Jordan on guitar/GT5, Matt on bass/Big Muff
The guitar is playing with a harmonizer, and the bass sounds pretty hideous (I think in a cool way, but that's open to debate). The guitar doesn't really kick in full blast until around 2:10. Things feel somewhat chaotic for about the last minute.

Ring-in 4:59
Jordan on guitar/GT5, Matt on bass/Big Muff
A sad bassline with some wah guitar. A bit of a shift around 2:30, and again at 3:45. A song that starts sad and ends menacing with all of the tasties in between. I enjoyed listening to this one the most, despite my blunderings around the 2:30 transition.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

011610 - RBMWAGS

Included with this post is a picture we took before the jam. Thank god for the RBMWAGS (rock-band-mic-wrapped-around-guitar-stand) recording method.

011610 - RBMWAGS

011610 - 01 4:13
Jordan on drums, Matt on guitar
I start out with a simple beat which Matt spices up with some twangy guitar.

011610 - 02 3:21
Jordan on drums, Matt on guitar/electric organ
This is the first song with Matt's organ, we only hear it sparingly but when we do it is a treat. It goes great with Matt's guitar. He also played it with his feet.

011610 - 03 7:27
Jordan on drums, Matt on guitar/E-bow/electric organ
This one starts out with some weird guitar moans with a drum beat. Around 1:30 the organ enters.

011610 - 04 5:37
Jordan on guitar, Matt on drums
Matt plays a steady beat throughout. I start out kind of wishy washy but then around 1:50 I get it together, with the help of a volume pedal.

011610 - 05 6:41
Jordan on guitar/GT5. Matt on drums
Herky-jerky would be the best way to describe my guitar playing on this song. I'm using a slight echo. Matt has a great start on drums which he parlays into a great middle and end section.

011610 - 07 24:15
Jordan on bass, Matt on drums
This song was too large to put on the website where the rest of our jams are so it is only available for download. Throughout Matt keeps beat going through periods of musical nonesens prooduced by me. It starts off pretty happy go lucky, then gets really low at around 4 minutes. At 5:30 it gets slow and odd then fast and snappy a minute later. At around 7:30 I use an electric toothbrush. It is odd. close to 10:30 I drop the toothbrush as well as an effbomb. I resume bass playing. At 13:30 the real fun starts and we get a nice groove going and at 14 minutes we begin the stage of the jam in which lMatt plays great drums and keeps up while I try to trick him musically. At 19:00 we stopp abruptley then continue 15 seconds for the final 5 minutes which contain around 5 tune changes. This was the only bass jam so we played till I was tired of making Matt play drums.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

011310 - Freestyle Bass Debut

This was the third jam in three days. I start on bass and Matt starts on guitar, then we switch after 3 songs. This was a fun jam. It is also Matt's freestyle bass debut.


011310 - 01
Matt on guitar, Jordan on bass
Matt keeps the song going with clean guitar playing to contrast my distorted bass. This one also has a nice intro.

011310 - 02 5:23
Matt on guitar, Jordan on bass
I play a simple walking bass line for the entire song. Matt noodles and makes it sound good. Oh yeah.

011310 - 03
Matt guitar, Jordan bass
Around the 1 minute mark the song changes in tone. There's a quiet to loud part starting around 1:30.

011310 - 04 4:07
Matt on bass, Jordan on guitar
I start out with a slow guitar part, then Matt chimes in and speeds the song up, around 1:30 we find a groove.

011310 - 05 4:08
Matt on bass, Jordan on guitar
Matt plays a nice classy bass line. I play some distorted guitar. Together we play a finger snapper of sorts.

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